Carry your printed messages from your package to the web by adding a QR Code to any of ThePaperWorker's products.

Try it out! Create a QR Code on  and place it anywhere on your custom binder, folder, tabs or custom boxes [like shown in this picture]!  Have you ever though of putting a HUGE QR code on  a poster or flyer?  You could scan it from 10 feet away!  Or create a custom CD sleeve with a QR Code that directs your fans right to your music download page.

Combine QR Codes and ThePaperWorker for the perfect promotional packaging! 

You can use a QR Code to:
 > Direct to your company website
             > Attract people to your personal blog
                         > Display your contact information
                                       > Prompt an e-mail
                                                    > Create a calendar event
                                                                     … and even send a text message!

Keep up with trends, start designing and personalizing your custom packaging on ThePaperWorker today!

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