The closest you can get to just buying an A!

You'll be more than just a student I.D. number with custom designed portfolios and custom presentation binders from ThePaperWorker.

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about finals! Instead of putting studying and preparing off until the last minute [like you promised yourself you’d NEVER DO again], start preparing today on ThePaperWorker.

Do what’s good for your GPA- and sanity- and let ThePaperWorker help put you on track to finish your semester on the right note! Design your own binder, folder, cd sleeve or poster– or if you’re running out of time, use one of ThePaperWorker’s many designs!

Custom turned edge binder portfolios binders help showcase and protect your work.  Or if you’re turning in a final project that you and a group have spent all semester on, put it in something that’ll WOW your professor… custom paperboard binders, custom casemade (turned edge) binders or a well designed custom folder will do just that!  If your major is all digital, turn in your final project on a disc in a custom CD Sleeve that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

College students, we’re here to help!  We won’t judge you if you decide to put everything off until the last minute- just select rush production at checkout and we’ll have your custom printed piece to you in plenty of time.  Click here to get started right now, or visit ThePaperWorker’s featured product album on Facebook to get some ideas [<- and you can save 5% on your order by liking us!]

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