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”I recently used ThePaperWorker to create custom 1″ binders for a huge presentation I had at work. When the corporate big whigs received my proposal [that I had spent months preparing] in this beautiful binder, they were simply blown away!  Now when I have a huge meeting coming up, and I want to show everyone how hard I’ve been working, I always use  It’s so easy, and it really takes the stress out of those meetings I use to lose a lot of sleep over.  I’ll never have to present my brilliant work in a boring way ever again!  More importantly, I’m sleeping 8 hours a night again, and I feel younger and more vital!!”  

WARNING: may cause excessive happiness, chronic smiling, and heightened levels of expectations from your co-workers.  Only use if you are open to increases in your salary, a larger office, and to your boss finally learning your first name.  In rare cases, users of have been invited to golf outings with the CEO.  

Create the perfect presentation or proposal binder with low minimum quantity on ThePaperWorker!
  –  Personalize with names, text, pictures, and logos.
  –  Full color, photo-quality printing on Eco-Certified materials!
  –  We offer custom printed, full color tabs/dividers for your binders, too!

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