ThePaperWorker’s Custom Flash Drive Folders are there to meet your technology and printed needs!

Design your own Flash Drive Custom Folders on ThePaperWorker! Perfect for presentations- or when you need to present something on a USB with your printed info. As always, there's no minimum quantity!

Flash Drive Custom Folders from ThePaperWorker are great for presentations! Some things cannot be conveyed in a printed message-  For example, wouldn’t it be nice if your clients, bosses or professors could see a photo slideshow, or powerpoint presentation, video or audio clip that you’ve created?  That’s where USB/Flash Drive Folders come into play!   

These tech-savvy folders don’t have touch screens or input/output cords, but they allow you to keep your printed materials and USB/Flash Drives in one beautiful place!

Measuring 9.6″ wide, 11.75″ tall with a 9/16″ center score capacity and 3″ x 1″ x 0.5″ flash drive holder on inside left pocket – we’ve done our homework, this size holder is the perfect fit for many of those fun shaped USB/Flash Drives out there!  Click here to get started today on your custom flash drive folders from ThePaperWorker!


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