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Happy Earth Day from ThePaperWorker!


Did you know that most of the custom packaging you create on ThePaperWorker is made of 100% recycled content? 

On behalf of everyone at ThePaperWorker, thank you for helping us to promote sustainable environmental business practices- today & every other day of the year!

{{ Click here learn more about ThePaperWorker’s Eco-Certifications and green initiatives }}

Customize any product with variable text and data!

Custom Binders Featuring Variable Data- Created on with no minimum quantity! Perfect for Custom Proposal Binders!

How does it work?   It’s easy – we do it for you!

• Just customize your product online as you would for 1 single piece
• In the area you want the Variable Data Text Merge to happen, type “Insert Text” in your preferred color, font, and font size
• Proceed to Checkout
• At Checkout, select ‘Variable Data / Bulk Personalization’ and enter your desired Quantity
• Shortly after you Checkout, a team member will email you with instructions to submit your Variable Data via email
• ThePaperWorker will handle the rest!  (Learn more about Variable Data here)

Customize any of ThePaperWorker’s products to feature variable data- custom binders, custom folders, corrugated custom boxes, tabs, CD/DVD Sleeves, and more!