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Now it makes sense!  Laminations explained in picture format.

ThePaperWorker’s Lamination Options: Gloss, Matte and Velvet Matte.

We are always getting asked to explain the different lamination options available on ThePaperWorker. It’s tough to describe in words!

We hope this photograph helps explain your lamination options! Gloss, Matte and Velvet Matte Laminations are available on all of ThePaperWorker’s Custom Products.

If you’d like a physical sample of any of these materials, please email [email protected] and specify which one!

“Pom-A-Gram, There’s Something Wonderful Inside”

A Custom Designed 5x5x5″ Corrugated Box from transformed into a Pom-A-Gram Promotion!

I would LOVE to receive a POM-A-GRAM! The photo quality picture of the pomegranate on this custom box is enough to get your mouth watering!

This 5″ corrugated box designed for POM WONDERFUL is proof that we have some of the most talented and artistic customers around!

Download a template and start designing your own corrugated boxes on ThePaperWorker with low minimum quantity!

Click here to get started!


Our 3x3x3″ Paperboard Custom Boxes Were All The Buzz!

Spotted at a wedding this weekend were custom 3x3x3″ paperboard boxes used as cupcake favor boxes. They were a HUGE HIT!

This weekend we had the chance to see ThePaperWorker’s custom packaging live and in action!  This cupcake display was beautiful and delicious looking as is- but the custom designed boxes were really the icing on the cake! [Get it!?]

ThePaperWorker’s talented designers have created some really great designs for 3x3x3″ & 4x4x4″ paperboard custom boxes – all of which can be easily customized for your wedding, anniversary or party of any kind!

Visit and start customizing our pre-designed templates today!

Design your own 3 x 1.5 x 5.5″ paperboard custom boxes!

ThePaperWorker’s Newest Addition! 3×1.5×5.5″ Paperboard Boxes!

Announcing ThePaperWorker’s latest product, 3 x 1.5 x 5.5″ Paperboard Custom Boxes! It’s the perfect size package for startups, product launches and all of your new ideas! Personalize our custom boxes with your brand and logo and order with low minimum quantity!

Start selling your good ideas with help from ThePaperWorker’s Custom Packaging!

Click here to download a template and start designing!

Made.By.Jess: Review: The Paper Worker Customized Binders.

” … These binders are absolutely stunning in every single way. If you know someone who LOVES to be organized, a small business owner, someone who loves to save recipes.. the potential for these binders are absolutely endless!… “