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ThePaperWorker’s Custom Flash Drive Folders are there to meet your technology and printed needs!

Design your own Flash Drive Custom Folders on ThePaperWorker! Perfect for presentations- or when you need to present something on a USB with your printed info. As always, there's no minimum quantity!

Flash Drive Custom Folders from ThePaperWorker are great for presentations! Some things cannot be conveyed in a printed message-  For example, wouldn’t it be nice if your clients, bosses or professors could see a photo slideshow, or powerpoint presentation, video or audio clip that you’ve created?  That’s where USB/Flash Drive Folders come into play!   

These tech-savvy folders don’t have touch screens or input/output cords, but they allow you to keep your printed materials and USB/Flash Drives in one beautiful place!

Measuring 9.6″ wide, 11.75″ tall with a 9/16″ center score capacity and 3″ x 1″ x 0.5″ flash drive holder on inside left pocket – we’ve done our homework, this size holder is the perfect fit for many of those fun shaped USB/Flash Drives out there!  Click here to get started today on your custom flash drive folders from ThePaperWorker!


The only way is with Custom File Folders from ThePaperWorker!

ThePaperWorker's *NEW* Printed Hanging File Folders! This folder stands out in a crowded drawer and is always right where you left it!

Custom hanging file folders are perfect marketing tools for insurance agencies and banks. Your customers will appreciate never having to frantically search for their important documents!

ThePaperWorker’s Custom File Folders measure 9.75″ tall, 11.75″ wide to hold standard 8.5″ x 11″ documents.  The back panel extends slightly to show a printed label, and  rigid white poly rods are glued in place to allow folder to hang in file cabinet.  You can finish your custom hanging file folder in gloss, matte or velvet matte lamination!

Click here to download a template and start designing today! 

Custom Designed CD sleeves from ThePaperWorker

A perfect tool for photographers- Design your own custom CD sleeves with no minimum quantity to present to your clients!

A professional way to present your work to your clients!

We couldn’t help but notice how extremely popular our Custom CD Sleeves are with photographers!  Ordering just a few personalized CD sleeves are no problem on because – as you know- there’s low minimum quantity on all orders!

Take a look- with 5 different styles of custom CD sleeves to choose from, one will be perfect for you!

Basic CD Sleeves, Single Disc Sleeve with Tuck Flap, Single Disc Sleeve w. Flap, Single Disc w/Flap & Tuck Closure,  2-Disc CD Sleeve, Single Sleeve with Self-Seal Zip Strip Closure & our 5×9″ Flat Mailer with CD Slit. ThePaperWorker will also custom print right on your CD/DVD, and even replicate data!!

Grow your business- visit and start designing today!