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Design a custom ‘playbinder’ for the upcoming Football season. 

Custom Playbinders- yes I just coined the term! Visit and design a custom binder for your team, your coach, or for yourself.

If you’re part of the majority of the population with football already on the brain, start your season early by designing a custom binder on ThePaperWorker.

The three binders in this picture are 3″ turned edge casemade binders, so they can hold up to 565 pages.  They’re also sturdy enough to handle being thrown at the ground or tossed across the locker room after a bad game!

Click here to get started! 

60+ styles to customize & personalize, no wonder they’re so popular!

With 17 sizes to choose from, has the perfect corrugated box for you!

ThePaperWorker’s corrugated boxes are made with rigid 200# test corrugated cardboard.  If you don’t know what that means [which you probably don’t], it means these boxes are as tough as can be & very durable! 

We use this 200# corrugated, and mount your printed graphics [which are in beautiful photo quality], directly onto it so it won’t peel or budge!  We then ship these boxes to you flat [to save you $].

Our customers have designed corrugated boxes for marketing campaigns, custom mailers, and all sorts of custom promotional packaging.

ThePaperWorker’s custom corrugated boxes, you’ve got to see them for yourself-get started right now by clicking here!

The perfect sales & marketing tool- create ‘box sets’ on ThePaperWorker!

Custom ‘Box Sets’ from a corrugated box, folder, paperboard binder, folder & CD sleeve!

The ingredients of this kit are:

One 12x10x2.5″ custom corrugated box
One custom presentation folder
One .75″ custom paperboard binder
One custom CD sleeve with flap

For giveaways, mailings, welcome kits and so much more!   Our custom paperboard binders and 1″ casemade binders fit perfectly into 12x10x2.5″ corrugated boxes, with enough room for some custom folders, cd sleeves, or anything else you’d like to include.

Ready to start creating your very own ‘box set’?  Visit today!