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So there’s 2x the area for your beautiful graphics!

Printed liners for turned edge binders- For a colorful surprise when you open any custom business or proposal binder!

All of ThePaperWorker’s 1″, 1.5″, 2″ or 3″ casemade binders can feature photo quality printed liners! Customize your binder’s liner with additional graphics, or add information and instructions- whatever floats your boat.

Add a printed liner to your proposal binder and it will be the one to get noticed!  That’s a fact, jack.


To download a template for binder liners, visit ThePaperWorker!


Our team at ThePaperWorker is here to help you and your business!

“I recently needed small two different small binder runs for client presentations. The provided quick-turn, high quality products at a very competitive price.

Beyond the product itself what I was most impressed with was the amazing customer service.  Their Creative Director, Jennifer Kuligowski personally answered my questions and responded to my needs immediately and positively.  While my order was small-the possible outcome was very large for both my clients and my business.  I would recommend to any one looking for a big or small production run.”

Chris Evans- ecokiddo,

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For all occasions, custom recipe binders make great gifts!

Customize and personalize one of ThePaperWorker's fun recipe binder designs today!

Here are two new custom recipe binders created this week on!  Design your own turned edge recipe binder in 1″, 1.5″, 2″ or 3″, or half size turned edge binder in .75″ and 1.5″

Want to jazz up your custom recipe binder with accessories?  Add custom printed tabs in banks of 4, 5, 6, or 8!

Click here to get started today! 

All your custom media packaging needs under one virtual roof!

All your custom media packaging needs can be met on! Add custom printed CDs and DVDs to any project!

Now you can design your own printed CD on with NO MINIMUM QUANTITY! Combine a custom printed CD/DVD with a custom 1 disc sleeve, 1 disc sleeve with flap, 2 disc sleeve, 3 disc sleeve, or the *new* custom 4 disc cd/dvd sleeve and you’ve got all your custom media packaging needs met!

Get started today by visiting, and design and personalize your own custom packaging with no minimum quantity!