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Fun to create, high quality, and many beautiful designs to choose from!

ThePaperWorker is the place to go design and personalize your own amazing custom scrapbook binders!

You’re either into it, or you’re not.  However, we’ve seen so many creative, adorable, and fun scrapbooks designed on ThePaperWorker that it would be wrong to not recognize them on our blog.

Here’s some scrapbook details:

Our custom casemade scrapbook-style binders are 12.6″ tall and 14.7″ wide.  They fit any 12″ x 12″ page inserts perfectly, and also will work great with your own layouts!

Why personalize your custom scrapbook on ThePaperWorker?
 – Full color, photo quality printing
 – Choose from many existing designs, or create your own from scratch
 – Personalize with photos, text, backgrounds and designs
 – Six different colored liner options to choose from
 – Print on linen!  This off-white, cloth-like canvas prints beautifully and feels amazing! [click here to learn more about printing on linen]
– AND! Rushed production and shipping options- because we know you can’t wait to receive your custom scrapbook!! 

Because “When You’re a Scrapbooker, Life is Like a Photo Shoot” – So Carpe Diem, start designing today on

Today’s feature:  A CD sleeve turned custom wedding invitation!

A CD Sleeve turned into a Custom Wedding Invitation for Daniel and Ashley's June 2012 Wedding!

We don’t take credit for the creative ways that customers use our products! Ashley and Daniel turned one of ThePaperWorker’s Custom CD Sleeves with Flap into a personal, one of a kind wedding invitation [not to mention romantic!]

So start thinking outside the box!  What way can you use ThePaperWorker’s custom binders, folders, boxes, tabs, posters, etc? Stay tuned, we’ll be posting new ideas right here!

Carry your printed messages from your package to the web by adding a QR Code to any of ThePaperWorker's products.

Try it out! Create a QR Code on  and place it anywhere on your custom binder, folder, tabs or custom boxes [like shown in this picture]!  Have you ever though of putting a HUGE QR code on  a poster or flyer?  You could scan it from 10 feet away!  Or create a custom CD sleeve with a QR Code that directs your fans right to your music download page.

Combine QR Codes and ThePaperWorker for the perfect promotional packaging! 

You can use a QR Code to:
 > Direct to your company website
             > Attract people to your personal blog
                         > Display your contact information
                                       > Prompt an e-mail
                                                    > Create a calendar event
                                                                     … and even send a text message!

Keep up with trends, start designing and personalizing your custom packaging on ThePaperWorker today!

Custom Folder created for It Ends Today, Inc.

ThePaperWorker is a proud supporter of It Ends Today Inc., an organization that promotes anti-bullying awareness.

The mission of It Ends Today is to promote anti-bullying awareness in schools and communities throughout the country by awarding scholarships to students who talk publicly about their experiences with bullying and its effects on them.

Learn more about It Ends Today, Inc. here. 

The closest you can get to just buying an A!

You'll be more than just a student I.D. number with custom designed portfolios and custom presentation binders from ThePaperWorker.

The end of the semester is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about finals! Instead of putting studying and preparing off until the last minute [like you promised yourself you’d NEVER DO again], start preparing today on ThePaperWorker.

Do what’s good for your GPA- and sanity- and let ThePaperWorker help put you on track to finish your semester on the right note! Design your own binder, folder, cd sleeve or poster– or if you’re running out of time, use one of ThePaperWorker’s many designs!

Custom turned edge binder portfolios binders help showcase and protect your work.  Or if you’re turning in a final project that you and a group have spent all semester on, put it in something that’ll WOW your professor… custom paperboard binders, custom casemade (turned edge) binders or a well designed custom folder will do just that!  If your major is all digital, turn in your final project on a disc in a custom CD Sleeve that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

College students, we’re here to help!  We won’t judge you if you decide to put everything off until the last minute- just select rush production at checkout and we’ll have your custom printed piece to you in plenty of time.  Click here to get started right now, or visit ThePaperWorker’s featured product album on Facebook to get some ideas [<- and you can save 5% on your order by liking us!]

Casemade turned-edge binder won’t crease or get bent out of shape!

Half Size Binders – with .75″ or 1.5″ Rings – and Matching Custom Half Size Tabs on ThePaperWorker!

Personalized custom half size binders and tabs are another solution ThePaperWorker has created for you.  This half size duo has so many applications!

Half size binders & tabs are easy to design!
–  9.1″ tall and 8.1″ wide; not too big, and not too small!
–  Perfectly hold7″ x 9″ half size tabs
–  Full color, photo-quality printing
–  For business or pleasure, custom half size binders and tabs are a fun spin on your average binder.

 A fun idea for half size custom binders and half size tabs from your friends at ThePaperWorker
Customize one of our half size recipe binder templates, and complete your order by creating a bank of 4 custom tabs to separate appetizers, entrees, desserts and drink recipes for inside the binder!  It would make a perfect gift, but it would also be a pretty sweet treat for yourself!

Visit and start customizing and personalizing your “half size duo”.  Or take a look at standard, album/scrapbook, paperboard and organic style binders- if that’s more your style.