Bright Summery Packaging Designs for these final days of summer…

ThePaperWorker's Custom Printed Paperboard Boxes are available in several styles and sizes - download a template and design your own custom boxes today!

ThePaperWorker’s Custom Printed Paperboard Boxes are available in several styles and sizes – download a template and design your own custom boxes today!

We love this brightly colored packaging designed on ThePaperWorker! Need to liven up your next giveaway or promotion? Take inspiration from these custom printed 5×5″ Paperboard Custom Boxes created on ThePaperWorker for a cometic giveaway at a department store.

Unlike the ‘other guys’, these Custom Printed Boxes do not get tossed in the garbage. For added brand exposure and promotional packaging that sticks around long after the contents have been removed – look no further than Custom Printed Packaging from ThePaperWorker!

Looking O’ So Fresh & Tasty.

Magic Hat Product Launch Packaging

Custom Product Launch Packaging For Magic Hat’s Electric Peel IPA.

Looking to build some buzz around your next product launch or rebranding campaign?

Take some advice from Magic Hat – just seeing the graphics on these custom printed LMC-6000 corrugated boxes had us eagerly awaiting the launch of their new Electric Peel Grapefruit IPA!

Download a template and design your own custom packaging on!

Best Deal On Custom Printed Binders from ThePaperWorker!

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15% Off NOW!

Come on – ‘Spring’ into Early Summer Savings with 15% Off all of ThePaperWorker’s Custom Binders through July 1st! 

Choose from endless styles – Custom Turned Edge, Paperboard, Vinyl & Organic Binders – all available with Low to No Minimum Quantity. Just download your template, select your order options, and enter the promo code EARLYBIRD15 at checkout for 15% off your custom binder purchase.

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– Turned Edge Binders, Roundback Turned Edge, Front Flap Turned Edge.
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Screen Printed & Clearview Custom Vinyl Binders.
Raw & Labeled Organic Binders.

In a world flooded with online resumes and profiles, physical portfolios are now making a resurgence. Put your best foot forward on your next interview and land that opportunity of a lifetime with help from this infographic by ThePaperWorker.

Portfolio_FinalNo need to thank us when you make it to the ‘Big Leagues’ … Good Luck!

Corrugated Boxes with custom printed tray inserts help legitimize any business!

spice kit corrugated box

Spicin’ it up – Corrugated Boxes with custom printed tray inserts help to legitimize any business!

Let’s be honest – eye catching packaging design sells products & differentiates you from the competition. Whatever you’re selling, you need to make sure your packaging design is doing it justice!

Take a look at this custom corrugated box designed on ThePaperWorker (style LMC-7999) and this custom printed tray insert (style TRA-4000). Would these spice kits have have the impact if they were in a plastic bag? I think we all know the answer to that.

Download a template and design your own corrugated custom boxes and custom packaging with low to no minimum quantity on ThePaperWorker!

Find out how first impressions, your subconscious, and social media affect the way your custom packaging is identified with this fun infographic by ThePaperWorker:




Design your own eye catching custom packaging today on ThePaperWorker!

Grow Your Brand with Custom Flash Drive Packaging from ThePaperWorker!

USB Packaging 3

Grow Your Brand with Custom Flash Drive Packaging from ThePaperWorker!

Deliver information to your customers in style with Custom Flash Drive Packaging from ThePaperWorker! CDs & DVDs are becoming outdated – think of how easily they scratch and how limited storage space they offer…

With 5 styles of dimensional Flash Drive Packaging and 2 styles of customizable Flash Drive Folders, ThePaperWorker’s custom flash drive packaging is designed to fit any business application.

View ThePaperWorker’s Dimensional Media Packaging or Custom Flash Drive folders, download a template, and start designing today!


ThePaperWorker is Your Source For One-of-a-Kind Custom Product Launch Packaging!

Custom Product Packaging

The Freshest Custom Product Packaging!

You only get one chance at a first impression, so make sure your custom product launch packaging stands out! ThePaperWorker has hundreds of styles of high end, fully customizable packaging to help you launch your product line, available in low to no minimum quantity. 

These custom product launch boxes were designed for Sweet Scarlett’s Texas Red Grapefruit, packaged in ThePaperWorker’s Corrugated Box Style LMC-4400.

Download a template and design your own custom boxes & custom product launch packaging on ThePaperWorker today! With over 60 styles of corrugated custom boxes (including create your own size), custom cigar-style boxes, custom paperboard boxes, custom totes & custom sales boxes… look no further than ThePaperWorker for your one of a kind custom product launch packaging!


ThePaperWorker’s Organic Binders – The Greenest Binders on Earth!


ThePaperWorker’s Custom Organic Binders – Available in Labeled & Raw! 100% Recycled & 100% Awesome!

Do you love Mother-Nature and custom designed packaging? Well, so does ThePaperWorker! Our custom packaging is all eco-friendly, and our Custom Organic Binders are 100% Recycled!

Available in 2 styles, Labeled Organic Binders and Raw Organic Binders (Raw Organic Binders are available in NO MINIMUM QUANTITY)!  Check out all styles, view product pricing, and download templates here!


Shown in this photo is a 3-spot Labeled Organic Custom Binder – Or you can choose from Front Cover Labeled Organic Binders or Spine Labeled Organic Custom Binders.

Do your part & buy Organic! Shop from over 250 styles of Creative Custom Packaging today on ThePaperWorker!



ThePaperWorker’s Corrugated Boxes are Perfect for Custom Mailers!


One-of-a-Kind Custom Packaging that Delivers! ThePaperWorker’s Corrugated Boxes are Perfect for Custom Mailers!

We get asked all the time “are your corrugated custom boxes durable enough to mail” – and the answer is YES! ThePaperWorker offers 60 styles of corrugated boxes, including Create Your Own Size Custom Box – and each style makes great promotional custom mailers!

Full color & brilliantly printed, our custom boxes are made from rigid corrugated e-flute cardboard and feature several finishing options (try everyone’s favorite- Matte Velvet Lamination)! Corrugated Custom Boxes from ThePaperWorker ship flat to you, and assemble easily without glue or tape!

Download a Template or Design Online!
Choose from 60+ styles of Corrugated Custom Boxes, or Create Your Own Size Corrugated Custom Box.

Or, request a sample of ThePaperWorker’s Corrugated Custom Boxes HERE!